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Frequently asked questions



What is a freshwater pearl?

A freshwater pearl comes from freshwater mussels. Freshwater mussels have a defense mechanism that means that if a foreign body penetrates the shell and it settles on the mantle tissue of the mussel, a process begins where the mussel produces nacre. After a few years, the mussel has produced a freshwater pearl.

What is the difference between a natural freshwater pearl and a cultured freshwater pearl?

Both the freshwater pearl and the natural pearl are genuine freshwater pearls. The difference lies in how it is created. A natural freshwater pearl is a pearl that has been produced in nature without human contact in the process.

Cultured freshwater pearls are, in contrast to natural pearls, created and produced with the help of humans. Cultured pearls are created and grown on large mussel farms around the world, mainly in Asia. Most pearls today are cultured pearls.

What is the difference between saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls?

Saltwater pearls can be found in the sea, and they can have different appearances, in terms of colors and shapes. The most popular color in saltwater pearls is pink. The saltwater pearl, such as Akoya pearls are often of high quality and thus a higher price.

Freshwater pearls can be found in rivers and lakes, and they also have different shades, such as white, pink, purple, peach or beige shades. There are also freshwater pearls that are dyed. For our gold and silver jewellery, we use freshwater pearls in their own colors and shades. See our selection of jewelery with freshwater pearls

How do I best take care of my jewellery?

We have created a short jewelery care guide so that you can extend the lifespan and take the best care of your jewellery.

Step 1: Storage

  1. Storage in a jewelery box: Store your jewelery in a jewelery box or jewelery box to protect them from dust, dirt and humidity. This also prevents the jewelry from being scratched or coming into contact with other jewelry that could cause wear.
  2. Individual storage: If possible, store each piece of jewelry separately in small bags or boxes to prevent them from rubbing against each other and damaging each other. It is often seen that silver jewelery in particular can oxidize and become dark-coloured if it is placed too much on top of other jewellery.

Step 2: Cleaning

  1. Regular cleaning: Clean your jewelry regularly to remove oils, sweat and dirt. Use a soft toothbrush or jewelry brush to clean between the beads and in the intricate parts of the jewelry.
  2. Mild soapy water: Make a mild soapy solution by mixing lukewarm water with a mild soap without harsh chemicals or perfume. Dip the jewelery into the solution and gently brush it with a soft toothbrush. Rinse them thoroughly with clean water and dry them gently with a clean cloth.
  3. Avoid chemicals: Avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia as they can damage both the metal and the pearls. Also, avoid wearing perfume on the areas where your jewelry is.

Step 3: Prevention

  1. Avoid contact with water: Remove your jewelry before showering or swimming, as water can cause the gilding to fade and the pearls to lose their luster.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight: Store your jewelry away from direct sunlight as it can cause the pearls to turn yellow and damage the gold plating.
  3. Remove jewelry before activities: Remove jewelry before performing activities such as exercise, cleaning, or gardening to prevent wear and tear.

Step 4: Maintenance

  1. Professional Cleaning: Consider having your jewelry professionally cleaned and polished once a year to maintain its beauty and shine.
  2. Inspection: Inspect your jewelry regularly for loose stones, damaged beads or cracks. The sooner you spot problems, the easier they are to fix.

By following these steps, you can extend the life and preserve your gold-plated sterling silver jewelry for longer. Always remember to treat your jewelry with care and love to keep it in its best condition.

Are you a member of Edelmetalkontrollen?

At Mie Christiansen Jewelry, we are registered with the precious metal control. This means that you as a consumer are assured that our goods are of the correct quality and are as we describe.
Our items consist of 18k gold-plated/925 sterling silver and are stamped in our jewellery. In addition, you will also be able to find our registered name stamp MCJ in the large jewellery. We stamp this ourselves by hand.

We thus ensure that you as a consumer buy good and approved materials.

What does it mean that you are climate neutral on deliveries?

We are climate neutral on our deliveries through the Planet scheme, and we are incredibly proud of that. This means that every order we send out to you is neutralized by us funding companies that prove, scale and commercialize climate solutions that will have a positive impact in the long term.

How do we do it? Through the Shopify Planet scheme, our climate footprint is measured per order, and is calculated in total monthly. When the month is over, the total amount goes to companies such as Running Tide, which sinks CO₂-soaked seaweed onto the seabed. In addition, companies such as e.g. 44.01, Carbofex, CarbonBuilt, CarbonCure, Charm Industrial, Climeworks, DroneSeed, Grassroots Carbon, Heirloom Carbon, Loam, Noya, Pachama, Planetary, Remora, Running Tide and Sustaera. We are thereby helping to remove CO₂, which accounts for 95% of the climate impact from burning fossil fuels for freight.

Zero emissions is an unrealistic goal that no company can achieve. You can therefore neutralize your emissions through donations and support for organizations that look after our planet. At Mie Christiansen Jewelry, we are happy to be able to give our support and offset our CO2 emissions on shipping.

What does it mean that your packaging is FSC certified?

All our jewelery boxes and postal packages are FSC-labeled and are produced by Danish suppliers.

FSC is an international non-profit labeling scheme for wood and paper. We have the FSC label on our jewelery boxes and packages. This means that no more wood is felled than the forest can reproduce. The people who work in the forest are trained and guaranteed a decent salary and equipment.

The FSC label also means that the animal and plant life in the forest is protected. Our jewelery boxes are therefore eco-friendly, and you will find the label on the back of our boxes.


How much does your delivery cost?

There is free shipping to parcel shops and home delivery for purchases over DKK 399.

It costs DKK 29 to be delivered to a parcel shop and DKK 39 with home delivery for purchases under DKK 399.

We deliver with GLS or Postnord, depending on who you choose when paying.

How do I track my order?

When we have prepared and processed your order, you will receive an email that your shipment is on its way. In this email you will receive a track & trace number so you can follow your package.

When can I expect to receive my package?

We process and ship orders every weekday, Monday - Friday.

We send packages after 13, then if you place your order before this time, your package will be dispatched the same working day. If you order your package before 13, you will usually already have your package the next day.

You can expect to receive your package within 1-3 business days.

Returns and complaints

Can I return my order and what does it cost?

We offer a 14-day right of return. You have 14 days from receiving the item to send your item back to us. It costs DKK 39 to send your item back, and this is deducted from your refund amount.

Read more about how to return in the next column.

There is a 14-day right of cancellation and a 14-day right of return on all goods, calculated from the day the goods are received (for Christmas gifts, the right of return is 14 days from 24/12). If you regret a purchase, you must notify us before the 14 days have passed. You must return the item in the same condition as you received it. You are welcome to have tried the item on, but if Mie Christiansen Jewelry considers that the item has been used, the item cannot be returned. The item is considered to have been used if it is used beyond what is possible when trying on an item in a physical store.

When the item has been returned and approved, the money is deposited into your account within a few days. We will pay the amount back to the same account that you used for your purchase. Shipping costs for returns are DKK 39 and we deduct them from the refund amount.

If you do not pick up your parcel at the parcel shop and it is sent back to us, it costs DKK 39 to have the parcel sent again, and if you have not collected the parcel because you have regretted it, we will deduct DKK 39 from the refund amount.

How do I return my package?

We offer a 14-day right of return from the day you have picked up/received the package. The return label costs DKK 39, which is deducted from the return amount.

You return your item through our return portal here.

How to return an item :

1. You go to our return portal and fill in your email and order number.
You have received the order number on your order confirmation and receipt in the package.

2. Select which jewellery/goods you want to return

3. Fill in the reason for your return

4. Choose whether you want to send your return package with GLS or Postnord

5. Attach the return slip which is on your sent return label - save if necessary. copy for personal use

6. Put a return label on your package if necessary. on top of the cardboard box in which you received the jewellery.

7. Send the package via a post office and keep the receipt for delivery, as you are responsible until I receive the package.

I will notify you as soon as I receive the package and send your money back within 1-3 banking days.

How do I advertise?

Mie Christiansen Jewelry provides a 2-year right of complaint in accordance with the Sales Act for extensive manufacturing and material defects that are detected during the normal use of the product. The right of complaint does not cover errors, damage or wear and tear, directly or indirectly caused by incorrect operation, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized interventions. It should be noted that oxidation of sterling silver jewelry is a natural process. It is expressed as dark colored spots, and since it is a natural process it is therefore not a complaint.

Should the accident happen and the piece of jewelery breaks, provided it has not been operated incorrectly, we will be able to assess whether the piece of jewelery can be repaired or whether you will receive a new piece of jewellery.

Complaints about errors and defects, which should be discovered by usual examination and upon receipt of the item, must be notified to within 14 days of purchase. The item can subsequently be returned for repair, exchange or, by agreement, if necessary. crediting. In connection with complaint cases, Mie Christiansen Jewelry bears return costs within a reasonable scope.

You can submit your item as a complaint to us via our return portal here.

Elegant & timeless design

Our aim is to create elegant and timeless jewelery that you can use all year round. That is why we focus on the beautiful white freshwater pearl as the main element in our jewellery. The pearls are natural and unique with their different shapes and sizes.